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Salam sejahtera, Dalam kita menghadapi situasi pandemik di serata Singapura sejak Mac 2020, ramai pelanggan-pelanggan Melayu Islam Singapura menghadapi masalah kewangan yang kurang stabil. Alhamdulillah, dengan izin Allah SWT, Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura (PKMS) telah membentuk satu strategi yang dapat membantu memberikan suntikan kepada pelanggan-pelanggan Melayu Islam kita di Singapura. Sahabat PKMS adalah satu projek hasil idea dari Ketua Kebajikan …

PKMS 25th Biennial General Meeting 2020-2022

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PKMS 25th Biennial General Meeting 2020-2022 Date: 29th November 2020 Day: Sunday Time: 8:00am to 4.30pm Location: Dewan Warisan, Level 2, PKMS Multipurpose Hall To all of the PKMS members/delegates, it is nice to see all of you in this big event, our Biennial General Meeting. Hope to see all of you again at our future events.

Appreciation from Marine Parade NPC

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PKMS was just given an appreciation plaque on the 16 December 2020 for contribution and valuable support in overall preparedness and readiness against national exigencies, and to fight crime from Marine Parade NPC.

PKMS Welfare Project – Back to School

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PKMS Welfare Project – Back to School We exist to improve the educational success of the disadvantaged children in our community by providing items needed for school, building their self-esteem, and improving their well-being. Charity Project Back to School by PKMS is an outreach by the PKMS welfare department that provides FREE school supply kits, backpacks, and school shoes for …

Newsletter Distribution in Tampines

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The PKMS Political Bureau have called upon their team in regards to the PKMS 4th edition Newsletter distribution. The team was distributing the newsletter in Tampines on the 17th November 2019, which falls on Sunday. The PKMS Political Bureau has distributed 300 newsletters. Praise to the Almighty, 300 newsletters has been distributed within 1 and a half hour, with good …

Political Event and PKMS Preparation for General Election 2020

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Political Event and PKMS Preparation for General Election 2020 Time: 2pm – 5pmVenue: Dewan Warisan PKMS Praise to Almighty, the Political Event, organized by the PKMS Political Bureau, was done on the 19 January 2020 The members of PKMS from 20 different Branches have attended. Plenty of discussions and enlightenment were given. Thank you very much to the members of …