PKMS Welfare Project – Back to School

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PKMS Welfare Project – Back to School

We exist to improve the educational success of the disadvantaged children in our community by providing items needed for school, building their self-esteem, and improving their well-being.

Charity Project Back to School by PKMS is an outreach by the PKMS welfare department that provides FREE school supply kits, backpacks, and school shoes for economically disadvantaged children.

This will be a community program launch by PKMS as part to prepare children for school who is less fortunate. A team of committed volunteers runs our operations so 95% of every donation goes directly to helping children. We work hard to keep costs as low as possible.

Our vision is that no child in the community begins school without the supplies they need. Currently, we have listed 50 economically disadvantaged children in our members’ list. We work directly with other NGOs and Education department to distribute school supplies and make our vision a reality.

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